Toyota Mirai hydrogen moves to Australia

Toyota Mirai hydrogen moves to Australia

I have a lot of conversations about advanced technology vehicles and alternate fuels. About half of them end somebody saying, “Sure, fuel cells sound great, but who can live with a car that needs special fuel you can only get at a few stations?”

So you can imagine that when somebody who does exactly that e-mailed me, I wanted to talk.

The three cars will be used by engineers to further refine the technology and to show political and business leaders that the technology is worth investing in.

And, to ensure the three cars can travel far and wide, Toyota Australia will also have a portable refuelling station that will allow for refuelling anytime, anywhere.

Although most car makers exploring the electric-vehicle world are focused on conventional battery systems, a handful of companies – including Toyota, Honda and Hyundai – remain convinced that hydrogen is the way forward.

Hyundai, for its part, has already brought a hydrogen-fuelled vehicle to Australia for purposes similar to those of Toyota, with its ix35 FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) touching down locally in late 2014.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen moves to Australia 1

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