Toyota GT86 Initial D Concept Is Definitely Sugoi

Toyota GT86 Initial D Concept Is Definitely Sugoi

Of course you get the black and white paint scheme. Anybody can do that. There’s even an FR-S (RIP Scion) here in the northeast that runs rallycrosses and drift events in this livery.

But it’s wild that an official branch of Toyota is making one of these, and it’s incredibly cool that they got some custom Watanabe wheels to get the look right. Also appropriate are the car’s Fujitsubo exhaust, TRD suspension, and Cibie-inspired yellow fog lights. The best part is the new concept uses carbon-fiber parts to match the ‘80s Corolla’s cheap plastic pieces.

Because the Toyota GT86 is the spiritual successor of the AE86, the Japanese carmaker seized the occasion and modded a 2017 model year GT86 in such a way that it would resemble the hero car from Initial D.

Created by the manufacturer’s special projects department in the United Kingdom, the Toyota GT86 Initial D Concept prides itself on a lot of custom bits and bobs. These include the panda-style black and white paint job, kanji on the right door which translates to “Fujiwara Tofu Shop (Private),” RS Watanabe wheels, Fujitsubo exhaust, carbon fiber for the hood and mirrors caps, yellow-tinted fog lights, and mud flaps.

Looking to capture the spirit of this legend, the Toyota UK team has tried to mirror Takumi’s car – the Legendary Eight-Six of Akina – both on the outside, and under the skin. That means the exterior is finished in the same black-and-white as the Fujiwara Tofu Shop AE86, with special mud flaps and yellow-lensed fog lights to complete the look. Under the hood, there’s a unique engine cover to match the one eventually fitted to Takumi’s car.

To improve performance in the Akina Mountains, the new GT86 sits on TRD suspension attached to 17-inch RS Watanabe F8 wheels. There’s a front strut brace attached, while the team has also fitted a Fujitsubo exhaust for a bit of extra growl.

Toyota GT86 Initial D Concept Is Definitely Sugoi

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