Toyota FT-AC Concept Is a Hybrid

Future Toyota Adventure Concept a Hybrid

Toyota showcased its latest SUV design at the LA Auto Show, called Future Toyota Adventure Concept, or FT-AC. The focus of recent Toyota concept cars suggests that the red-hot SUV market might be primed for smaller footprint vehicles, and it underscores the automakers’ interest in filling that need.

The extra-chunky 20-inch wheels wear blocky all-season tires. The clear message here is that Toyota wants this to live in the “Proper Truck” camp of the Toyota stable, despite what’s almost assuredly a carlike platform underneath.

Toyota is keeping its lips tightly shut about what makes the FT-AC tick, though it confirmed the engine bay is inhabited by a gas-electric hybrid setup. The automaker describes it as next-generation powertrain “that blends fuel efficiency with rugged all-wheel-drive grunt.” Being compact in size, the crossover concept that builds off the FT-4X could make use of an efficient four-cylinder engine gifted with Atkinson-cycle valve timing.

While there’s no plan to put the FT-AC into production, the next-generation RAV4 is certain to borrow a few of the styling elements Toyota showcased at this year’s L.A. Auto Show. The all-new model should arrive no later than decade’s end.

Future Toyota Adventure Concept a Hybrid

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