Toyota Corolla 2018 arrives

Toyota Corolla 2018 arrives

The front of the country’s best-selling medium sedan debuts new headlights, bumper and front grille, while in the back the novelties are the LED flashlights and the redesigned bumper. New wheels and antenna in the ceiling of the shark fin type (from the XEi version) complete the package. Inside, they change, besides finishing, the graphics of the instruments and air-conditioning diffusers (now rounded).

The facelift will replicate the shapes of the model launched just a few months ago in several markets, such as South Africa – where we drove the new Corolla. If you have not noticed many differences compared to the car launched in 2014, it’s not your fault: the changes were really discreet.

Inside, little news. The instrument panel of the XEi, XRS and Altis versions gets a colorful TFT display between the gyroscope and the speedometer and a new multimedia center with a seven-inch LCD touchscreen. The side air-conditioning outlets were rounded, and the traditional digital clock was moved to the center console on the right side of the screen.

According to Toyota itself, the smaller values ​​displayed in the event are not promotional or temporary. The brand claims that there was an error updating the site, which will be fixed.

Toyota Corolla 2018 arrives

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