Toyota, Camry Full model change Based on TNGA Platform

Toyota, Camry Full model change Based on TNGA Platform

Camry was born as a domestic exclusive model “Celika Camry” (FR car) in 1980, and in 1982 it renewed as the current car name “Camry” adopting the FF layout and started selling globally. Camry has sold in Toyota’s global mid-sized sedan, the No. 1 consecutive passenger car sales in the United States for the 15th consecutive year, has sold in more than 100 countries and regions, has achieved a cumulative total of more than 18 million .

Toyota fully remodeled the Camry and released it on July 10th through Toyopet stores nationwide, Toyota Corolla store, and Netz store (also sold in Tokyo area in Tokyo Toyota).

The side emphasizes the presence of the tire by lowering the hood, fender and belt line. By extending the rear end of the roof, it realized an extended silhouette and living space. The rear protrudes the shoulder and expresses a wide feeling and sportiness, and furthermore, it has said that “a style expressing an advanced car category is expressed” by a long LED lamp incorporating line light emission.

Instrument panel scattered luxury in complex design which can be called “S shape” instead of the conventional “T shape”. With the benefit of TNGA, it became possible to downsize the parts, realizing a smart design by suppressing the thickness of the panel, realizing the good visibility, spreading space by lowering the engine hood, the cowl and the belt line There.

Body size is 4885 mm in total length × 1840 mm in total width × 1445 mm in total height, 2825 mm in wheel base. Compared with “Mark X”, the total length is 115 mm longer, the overall width is 45 mm wide. In comparison with “Crown”, the total length is only 10 mm difference (crown is 4895 mm), and in the full width the new camry is 40 mm wide. Although it is a magnificent size unique to the main market model in the American market, it can be said to be an emotional design realized because of its size.

Toyota, Camry Full model change Based on TNGA Platform

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