The Toyota Camry from Detroit


Unlike Ford and Holden, who couldn’t sustain local plants because of a lack of export markets, Toyota Australia’s problem was that the Camry was sold — and more importantly built — around the world, including plants that had much lower labour costs.

The Camry V6 will return for the first time since 2006, featuring a 3.5-litre direct injection unit and eight-speed automatic transmission, both of which are set to debut locally in the Kluger large SUV next month.

Toyota clearly realized that 1) fewer and fewer people are buying sedans 2) other mainstream sedans were catching up to it in terms of quality and performance and 3) a good reputation can only take a vehicle so far. So, in light of all that, Toyota has released a new, stylish Camry with a clear focus on performance.

From a more powerful engine lineup to an aggressive body to ultra-comfortable seats, Toyota has given buyers every reason to keep paying attention to the best-selling passenger car nameplate in the U.S.


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