Toyota brings Mirai to Australia

Toyota brings Mirai to Australia

Three of the Japanese giant’s Mirai production fuel-cell vehicles are now on the local offshoots fleet and will later this year also be joined by a portable refuelling station. None of the above will be offered for sale.

The hydrogen-fuelled Toyotas will be used to “assist Toyota engineers to learn more about the future technology” and will also be used for promotional activities.

The Toyota Mirai, which is on sale in California, Japan and some European countries, will make its way to Australia as a promotional tool and will assist Toyota’s engineers to understand the technology further.

Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada, has previously stated that hydrogen has the greatest long-term potential to reducing energy usage and emissions, but it lacks the infrastructure to support it.

“This will take time to develop so it is imperative that we take a whole of industry approach so that we can move these plans along as quickly as possible. Fuel cell technology is expected to play a key role in the future and we do not want Australians to miss out on this.”

Emitting only water from its tailpipe, the Mirai has a rated range of over 500km using the US’s EPA testing, meaning that it’s currently the most efficient hydrogen vehicle currently available worldwide — albeit with barely any competition. The cars will be shown at events around the country, including car industry conferences.

Toyota brings Mirai to Australia

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