Toyota aims to fully improve the new Camry

Toyota aims to fully improve the new Camry

Toyota announced on October 10 that the new model sedan “Camry = photo” was completely improved and released. It is the first car model that adopted the new design philosophy “TNGA” in its entirety including power trains such as engines and transmissions. In Japan, we sell hybrid car (HV) specification, fuel efficiency is 33 · 4 kg per liter of gasoline in JC 08 mode …

At a recital held in Tokyo, Mr. Moriyasu Yoshida, executive officer who is the president of the company’s mid-sized vehicle company, said, “We were able to build camry from scratch with all the new platforms and engines made by TNGA. The company system of the vehicle axis made the decision making quicker and it became a rewarding development including the suppliers, “he evaluated the new model and development process.

As for customer target, “Many customers who enjoyed car life in the 1980s when cars were attracting attention as well as young new customers” and “many customers who enjoyed car life,” “It is cool, good car, you can enjoy the excitement and pleasure to grasp the steering wheel, I’ve been working on wanting to go out again. “

Based on TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) based on high-quality sedan, we developed all parts from scratch. After redesigning the design, we realized 33 · 4 km / liter (X grade), which is the top class level, improved fuel consumption, haste, ride and taste.

Toyota aims to fully improve the new Camry

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