Toyota 86 Initial D concept unveiled

Toyota 86 Initial D concept unveiled

Like the AE86 Toyota Sprinter Trueno hatch driven by the series’ protagonist, Takumi Fujiwara, the 86 Initial D concept has a white body. The vinyl black stripe package across the 86’s lower body directly mimics the one fitted to Takumi’s AE86.

More modern elements, such as the concept’s yellow-tinted fog lights, dark-tinted tail-lights, and carbon-fibre bonnet, door handles and mirror caps achieve a similar effect to the original car’s design.

Toyota’s UK special projects division decided they shouldn’t try to copy the Fujiwara Corolla, instead opting to reference the modern styling of the GT86. As such, there are carbon fiber parts for the hood, door handle protectors, and mirror covers, while in the comics they were simply matte black. The coupe has classic-looking 17-inch RS Watanabe wheels with a black finish. The link to the manga series comes from the mud flaps, yellow fog lights, and tinted taillights. And translated from Japanese, the test on the side reads “Fujiwara Tofu Shop.” While only a show car, the concept still has some performance improvements: TRD suspension and Cusco front strut brace, as well as Fujitsubo exhaust.

Even the engine cover has been painted silver, replicating the ‘Silver Top’ cam cover of the 4A-GE 1.6-litre twin-cam found in the Trueno.

One further detail helps lend the car some authenticity – UK-based manga artist, Sonia Leong, has designed a series of images that put the GT86 into an Initial D-style scenario, replicating the original comic artwork.

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