Towards the end of downsizing, larger engines


This potential “upsizing” to reduce NOx and particles would make it more difficult to meet CO2 standards. Therefore, according to some analysts, the future of downsizing pass through hybridization of small engines. This shift in the industry would show further expensive at a time when manufacturers are already investing heavily in the development of electric cars.

As of 2019, the vehicles should be subject to a NOx test in real conditions for their approval. Procedures equivalent to the CO2 and consumption are expected to follow in 2021.

At the Paris Motor Show, the head of powertrain Renault-Nissan Alliance, Alain Raposo, admitted that “The techniques we used to reduce the engine can no longer afford to meet the standards emissions. We are reaching the limits of the reduction. ” Analysts predict also that these new tests will kill gasoline engines below 1.2 liters and diesel of less than 1.5 liters.

Nevertheless, it is also in accreditation that downsizing has shown its limits and we can only welcome a flashback.


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