There’s an all electric Mini coming

There’s an all electric Mini coming

The front of the car has been given a redesign compared to the Minis on our roads today. As a battery EV, it has little need for a big air intake to feed a combustion engine. Asymmetric alloy wheels make use of 3D-printed bits to mimic the revised front grille, and it’s covered in Es to signal to the onlooker that “this Mini is electric!”

BMW is actually an early player in the electric vehicle space. The German automaker first unveiled a Mini E way back in 2008. That car underwent extensive testing that ultimately led to the development of BMW’s i3.

Hooydonk focused on aerodynamics, precise lines, and striking accents with the Electric Concept. At the front, a hexagonal radiator grille (which has been sealed off) and circular LED headlights help identify the Mini heritage.

There are a lot of details about the Mini Electric Concept that we don’t know. Specifically Mini has made no mention of what sort of electric drivetrain the car has. We have no idea how much power the car offers or its driving range. We also have no idea how long the battery will take to charge.

There’s an all electric Mini coming

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