The Kia Stinger 2017 in 3-door coupe version

La Kia Stinger (2017) en version coupé 3 portes

Especially since according to certain noises of corridor, the car could eventually be entitled to hybrid or even electric variants. On the other hand, declined coupe and break do not seem to be on the agenda. Too bad, the independent designer X-Tomi still imagined them and today offers us his vision of things.

Wiser, the 2-liter turbo already offers a level of performance of the most interesting with 255 horsepower. It remains to be seen what will be worth the eight-speed automatic transmission, imposed and announced as having been reworked. Five driving modes will be available. Looking at what our national manufacturers are proposing in this segment, there is something to be sad about but also to be afraid for the future.

The designer extended the front doors and made the rear doors disappear. Subsequently he redesigned the rear wings to accentuate the features of the coupe. This achievement could inspire the South Korean brand and can be become a series variation of the Kia Stinger.

Another confirmation came from Kia yesterday, that the Stinger would also be available with petrol engines. It will simply be the blocks proposed in its American version, namely a 4-cylinder 2.0-liter turbocharged 255-horsepower and a 3.3-liter V6 biturbo 365-hp. In the latter case, the 0-100 km / h would fall to 5.1 seconds, the best time ever announced for a Kia.

La Kia Stinger (2017) en version coupé 3 portes

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