testing the new Audi SUV

testing the new Audi SUV 1

New model in the range of the German manufacturer, the Q2 completes the low range of Audi SUV, firmly established in the market with the Q3, Q5 and Q7. This fourth proposal addresses this both urban SUV, whose success is mainly driven by popular models Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur. The Audi Q2 will, he struggled with the Mini Countryman which was until now the only premium offer in urban SUV.

As always with Audi, the driving position is excellent and the ergonomics benefits the approval of use. For once, the presentation appears more cheerful and on board other brand models with significant customization options. Above reproach, the build quality flirts with the peaks even if some hard plastics down console may disappoint some followers of the brand with the rings.

If the volume of attracted safe (from 405 to 1050 liters by folding the rear seats), access and livability to the rear seats more suit small and large templates. As far as prices (unfixed), Audi requires, do not expect to run into Q2 for less than 24 000 € in base (1.0 TFSI, 116 hp) and count minimum € 27,000 for the 1.4 TFSI 150 hp. Finally, arm yourself with patience before rolling in the latest addition to Audi. If the commands open in July, deliveries will not begin until November.

Hello inspiration Mini! Two, thanks to the rapid transmission and transmission taping Q2 to the road, you put the kilometers confidently at a steady pace and not too straining your lower back. Three, finally, the generous engine does not make this a sub Q2 motorized model; a feeling of lightness that same push to escape.

testing the new Audi SUV

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