Tesla’s New Referral Program Prizes

Tesla’s New Referral Program Prizes

As always anyone using a referral link of a Tesla owner will get a $1,000 credit towards the purchase price of a Model X or S.

And while most of the prizes remain the same (see full list below), including the opportunity to win a Model X P90D with Ludicrous, and new “prize” has been added to the top of the rewards.  Specifically that anyone who refers 10 customers will get “an invitation for two to attend our next Tesla unveiling event”.

The new referral program will run from July 18 to October 15, 2016 and promises many of the same prizes seen in the previous program, including 21″ forged aluminum Arachnid wheels + performance tires,  Tesla branded lifestyle goods, and the chance to win a fully loaded Ludicrous Model X P90D.

Top honors will go to those owners that make 10 qualifying referrals by October 15. Tesla indicates on its Referral Program page that these candidates will receive an “invitation for two to attend the company’s next Tesla unveiling event”. Given the timing of when this new program ends and CEO Elon Musk’s previous tweet that there will be a “Part 2” of the Model 3 event, there’s a chance top referrers will be given the opportunity to witness the final production version of the highly-anticipated mass-market Model 3, rumored to be fully autonomous. We ‘will do the obvious thing’ Musk once said at Recode when speaking about what’s coming for the Model 3.

In the first run, the timing of the start is a bit off, and the Model S rockets forward for an easy victory. The second race is more properly launched and shows just how closely these two cars are matched in the run up to sub-100-mph speeds.

With more room to keep pushing, you’d quickly see the Model S fall off the pace put down by the Lamborghini. Regardless, it’s impressive to watch two surprisingly heavy machines duke it out with such amazing power and speed off the line.

Tesla’s New Referral Program Prizes

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