Tesla’s Model X shows in Luxembourg

Tesla's Model X shows in Luxembourg

After the Model S, and pending the Model 3, the California automaker and has one of the most versatile SUV, safe and efficient market. Equipped with a battery of 90 kWh per 489 km of autonomy, the Model X to 100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds. Another detail, not least, the Falcon doors of vehicles, which should entice many.

Victim of its success, the brand Tesla, which revolutionized electric vehicles, the Model X launches with its first family. Namely a large vehicle seven seats and a range of 467 kilometers manufacturer with a refill for the entry-level model. An Introduction charged to more than 90 000, but the exception has a price. And fuel and maintenance savings achieved in 2 years would amount to 11 000 euros, according to estimates from the manufacturer.

A ceiling that has not failed to meet the company created in 2003 in the heart of Silicon Valley. In a press release, the German branch said that the aid package has been designed exclusively by federal departments and representatives of the German automotive industry.

And emphasized that the program was created so as to exclude the “threat” which Tesla Model S sales exceeded those of last year Mercedes S-Class (read our article). However, the company led by Elon Musk has deployed an ultra-fast charging stations network (Superchargers) and participated in efforts to reduce the country’s CO2 emissions. The government is called to be more neutral in the future …

Tesla's Model X shows in Luxembourg 1

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