This Tesla vs Lamborghini race

This Tesla vs Lamborghini race

The two cars – and a Model S P100D that also joins in the fun – went head to head at the Palm Beach International Raceway to show what happens when you put the cutting-edge in electric SUV against one of the most coveted supercars on the market. Here’s the spoiler: don’t argue with instantaneous torque.

While the Model X’s ridiculous acceleration helped carry it to victory, there’s no denying that the Aventador would have easily caught up to and surpassed the Model X if the race distance was even just a tad longer.

Well, after racing them all against each other, the electric vehicles put on an insanely impressive show and the SUV managed to achieve a new world record. You can view it all in the video below.

In the end, drag racing results have little to nothing to do with everyday driving except for those who delight in stop light grand prix competition. But they do give Tesla more free advertising than any other car company in history. That as much as anything else makes executives at other car companies tear their hair out.

This Tesla vs Lamborghini race

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