Tesla stops cheapest variant Model S

Tesla stops cheapest variant Model S 1

Since last year the cheaper 60kWh version was available. It is striking that there are actually found in a 75kWh battery. you wanted to use the entire battery, you could extend the battery capacity itself through an update. The update was sold for $ 9500. However, the option remains just exist for today’s consumers with a Model S 60 or 60D.

For car lovers it sounds very strange that you would pay 7,000 euros for a software update, especially since it is just about the same batteries. But get used to it, automakers are more and more software companies, Tesla is also there, just ahead of the rest.

As a result, the cheapest new Tesla Model S 75. It costs € 94,400. See the full price list.

rom April the Model S with a 75kWh battery, the cheapest Tesla. In the Netherlands, the 75kWh version is sold for a minimum amount of 94 885 euros. Tesla also launched this year with the sale of the New Model 3. According to previous rumors, the Tesla Model 3 will retail it for $ 35,000.

Tesla stops cheapest variant Model S 1

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