Tesla new electric car

Tesla new electric car

On Tuesday, Tesla held an event at a factory in California that celebrates deliveries to customers of new cars just starting production this month.

The price of a new model car named “Model 3” is $ 35,000 (about 3.9 million yen), which is set to less than half of the price of other Tesla models. The distance that can run with one charge is approximately 350 km, and according to Tesla, the number of orders for reservations has already exceeded 370,000.

According to the U.S. media, model 3 has about 500,000 reservation units worldwide. Eiron Mask chief executive appealed as “affordable car.”

In December last year, General Motors Corp.’s biggest car, General Motors (GM), launched a new EV “Chevrolet Volt EV” that kept the lowest price to $ 34,495, the competition for sales is likely to bear fever.

Tesla Eleon Mask Chief Executive Officer introducing the new model electric vehicle “Model 3” = 28, California State Fremont (co)

“Model 3” began shipping. First of all, we have two models with a cruising range of 354 kilometers and 499 kilometers. The price of the standard model is as planned, before application of subsidies and deductions, respectively from $ 35,000 (about 388,000 yen) and $ 44,000.

There is little worry about running out of batteries, middle-price range EV with high design appearance, and the eco car market is likely to be activated. Just a right steering wheel …

Tesla new electric car

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