Tesla Model X beats Lamborghini

Tesla Model X beats Lamborghini

Two top-shelf Tesla cars both beat a Lamborghini Aventador, continuing to prove the technical advantages of high-end electric motors in acceleration.

The Model X set a record time for a sport utility vehicle. Instant torque allows electric vehicles to accelerate quickly out of the gate, but Tesla’s Ludicrous high-performance mode allows the vehicle to go from zero to 60 in under three seconds.

It isn’t the weight in play here, at 2.5 tonnes the Model X is not a light car whereas the Aventador is a good 500 kg lighter than it. However, the Ludicrous + enabled vehicle beat the Lambo clocking in at 11.418 seconds for a quarter-mile at nearly 189 kph. The Ludicrous enabled Model X sends 1253 Nm of torque and 588 horsepower to all four wheels as compared to the Aventador, that features a 750 horsepower V12 petrol engine driving all four wheels through a seven-speed transmission.

The Tesla Model X came in at a 11.418 second time on the quarter mile (approximately 400 m) drag race, setting the world record for the fastest ever time to be achieved by an SUV on that stretch.

Tesla Model X beats Lamborghini

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