Tesla Model A vision of electric supercar

Tesla Model A: a vision of electric supercar

The Tesla Model R would be fully electric and with two engines with a total output which should be around the 800 or 900 hp. In this hypothetical future, all batteries should be smaller and thus lighter, which should limit the weight of the sport.

All this is pure speculation or pure dream, and such a version will not see the day by good many years.

The virtual designer Khyzyl Saleem is the specialist production worthy of a science fiction movie. For his new project, endowed with the graphic palette imagined a very distant and improbable Tesla Model R.

To cope with the Porsche Mission E and its sports models, Tesla could therefore launch a sports coupe on the market. In this exercise of style, Khyzyl was based on a Saleen S7, one of the few American supercar. This silhouette is complemented facies of the Tesla Model S and the body reduces the ventilation openings to a minimum.

Tesla Model A: a vision of electric supercar

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