Tesla Model S recovery 60 kWh

Tesla Model S recovery 60 kWh

Until recently, the Model S the cheapest available option was 70 kWh, providing 234 miles of beach and 5.5 seconds acceleration time for no less than 71,500 dollars. Now you’ll be able to save 5,500 dollars more by going to buy the new model 60 S, which costs $ 66,000, and offers the same performance, but reduces the maximum range to 210 miles.

The Model S 60 will be available in two distinct versions, namely S 60 (propulsion) and S 60D (four wheel drive). Buyers of the Tesla Model S 60 will have a range of about 400 km, for performances of 5.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and 210 km / h top speed.

Model S 60 will be available at a price of € 70 800 eco bonus deducted (allow € 76,400 for the Model S 60D), and its owners will eventually unlock the full battery capacity of 75 kWh for a check for 10 000 € (the price of the software update). The range of the vehicle will then pass to 480 km.

To take advantage of the remaining 15 kWh, which earn about 80 km range on both versions, it will lengthen the bill for 9600 euros at the time of the order. The removal of the flange can also be performed after delivery, in which case it will cost 10,000 euros.

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