Tesla Model S P90D

Tesla Model S P90D

Nothing more than a BMW M6 or S-Class AMG finally? The difference is that in the absence of gearbox (there is a single report to permanently change) the Dantesque torque 967 Nm (!) Is available immediately and continuously with linear thrust without reloading.

Accelerations are simply cannon, especially by activating the “acceleration Big Style” (Ludicrous English, literally translated as “ridiculous”) they become downright hallucinatory.

Barely submitted, the Tesla Model 3 has already broken records for pre-order: a few weeks 373,000 people have already advanced the $ 1,000 required at booking. While the American manufacturer still manufactured as 2,000 cars per week in December, he will have to significantly increase its production in order to keep up with demand.

It is for this purpose that Tesla now emits 2 billion worth of shares. The wealthy patron of the brand, Elon Musk, has already acquired 600 million of them, so there is $ 1.4 billion of shares to buy.

Do you think Tesla will hold its 500,000 cars production target for 2018?

Tesla Model S P90D

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