‘The Tesla Model S fleet enough to actually use the boat’

'The Tesla Model S fleet enough to actually use the boat'

For an owner of a Tesla Model S has posted the video online, where you can see the car through a flooded tunnel. Musk has responded to the video on Twitter stating that the Tesla Model S ‘can keep going in the water for a short period’. And insist however on the fact that this is still not recommended. Propulsion is effected in this case by the rotation of the wheels.

Tesla has a good advantage in water: indeed, as explained Datanews is an electric car and it therefore has no exhaust … unlike traditional cars that stop working when their pot is flooded.

The idea of ​​a car that could go as well on the road and in the water seems, in any case, interest Elon Musk. The founder of Tesla said in a tweet that he would build a vehicle like this. It nevertheless points out that this project remains high due to a limited market.

A car Elon Musk knows well since he had bought at auction in 2013. His taste for this revisited the Lotus Esprit has also pushed to encourage its engineers to integrate an “easter egg” hidden feature in interface of the Tesla Model S. pressing long on the T at the top of the giant Model screen, simply type the code of the secret agent 007, and then see the Model S replaced by said Lotus Esprit – or at least something that looks great there – in the car’s setup menus.

'The Tesla Model S fleet enough to actually use the boat' 1

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