Tesla Model S deletes basic versions

Tesla stop entry-level Model S

In the mid 2016 Tesla presented new basic versions of the Model S in the form of 60 and 60D. The “tweaked” versions of the 75 and 75D prove unsuccessful, reason for Tesla to get them now of the order.

60 and 60D made the Model S more accessible. The cars moreover seemed a strategically smart choice Tesla that the huge amount of orders of the smaller Model 3 can barely keep up. The entry-level Model S was to entice potential Model 3-buyers to purchase the much faster available larger model, but it does apparently sparsely ….

Who incidentally has ordered one of the two, but afterwards still would have preferred a Model S 75 or S 75D, the car can be upgraded. The Model S 60 D and 60 These are just a 75-kWh battery that is returned tuned software. By simply perform a software update, the power limitation is lifted.

Most customers are leaving the Model S 60 and 60D left, says Tesla, and chose the Model S 75 or 75D. So the American manufacturer has the former versions of the assortment. Interested parties have until April 16 to place an order if they want to have a Model S 60 or 60D.

Tesla stop entry-level Model S

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