Tesla Model S closer to your pocket

Tesla Model S closer to your pocket

In 2012 the Model S Tesla dazzled the world for performance and technologies. Since then the cars developed by the company of Elon Musk have become an object of desire of many people around the world.

Some time ago announced the departure in 2017 of Model 3, the car promises to be “more accessible” in price. However, no one expected it, were recently announced new versions of the Model S.

The new version, called Model S 60, has a starting price of $ 66,000. A road version of this model will have a base price of $ 71,000. Both cost less than the current Model S 90D, which has a starting price of $ 89,500.

Tesla said Thursday that if tax incentives and savings on gasoline are discounted, the Model S 60 can cost about $ 50,000.

Tesla Model S is adding up to a 60 and 60D-the D refers to the traction of the 4 wheelers. The price of 71,000 dollar portion 60D. Meanwhile, the Model S 60 is the least expensive of the Tesla vehicles available.

Both versions come with built-in hardware autopilot, feature an updated front bumper and offer an acceleration from zero to 60 kilometers in 5.5 seconds or less design.

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