The Tesla Model S can turn into a boat!

The Tesla Model S can turn into a boat!

And if Tesla supercar added to its range of electric vehicles? The artist Kyzyl Saleem imagined what it would look like on the basis of another American supercar.

After the small Roadster, Tesla moved towards more family vehicles with the Model S and Model X. In the future, the small American manufacturer will expand its range downwards with a Model 3 but did not seem interested sports great.

Musk said batteries and the Tesla S drive mechanism are sealed, making them resistant to water. And the wheels of the car provide the propulsion of the “boat”.

Musk says he does not recommend, though, that the Tesla is used this way.

As the imagination of the businessman and inventor is boundless, he also wrote on Twitter that he is considering creating a sports car that is also a submarine. He acquired the Lotus Esprit that is seen in the James Bond ‘The Spy Who Loved Me “into a submarine.

Never mind, a pro digital retouching is responsible for giving us a glimpse of what might look like an electric supercar Tesla sauce. He went for it a Saleen S7 in which he offered a front face close to that of the Model S before facelift.

The Tesla Model S can turn into a boat!

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