Tesla, a false promise ecological

Tesla, a false promise ecological

A flood of exciting information flows for two months about the development of the car manufacturer Tesla, also from the perspective of individual mobility more environmentally responsible.

In early March, the International Motor Show in Geneva, the US unveiled the Model X, its first SUV, followed on 1 April with the presentation of Model 3, the first electric car with 5 seats, powerful and fast with a range of at least 350 km and an expected tender price of $ 35 000.

In all, Tesla could raise nearly $ 1.4 billion, nearly 1.24 billion euros, from the sale initially of 6.8 million shares, a total of 139 million. A number that could even climb to 8.236 million shares if demand exceeds the initial offer. 1.7 billion dollars, 1.5 billion euros.

For its part, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, will exercise its right to stock options on 5.5 million shares. And to fund tax of this operation, it will sell nearly 2.8 million shares. Note that 1.2 million shares will be sold to charity.

Tesla, a false promise ecological

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