Tesla is bringing its more affordable Model X

Tesla is bringing its more affordable Model X

At an event held for female journalists in Sydney on Tuesday, Tesla’s Australian marketing lead Heath Walker suggested messaging around the Model X could potentially be more family friendly than the Model S thanks to features like the ability to seat up to seven.

Although Tesla has famously never paid for advertising, its story has mostly been one of performance and geeky features over convenience. That’s potentially at the expense of a broader appeal, and Walker acknowledged Tesla ownership in Australia skews heavily male.

Firstly, owner with 10 qualifying referrals will get an invitation for two people for the event of an undisclosed product. We are only aware of the Model 3 Unveiling Part 2 and the much anticipated SUV version of the Model 3 – the Model Y. Unless the company has other such plans for Tesla Energy, particularly with potential acquisition of SolarCity, owners should know what to expect.

Late last year Tesla announced its 70d variant in the Model X range would be priced at US$80,000 for the American market. At the time, that equated to a lower price than the just-announced number for the 60d – indicating that currency exchange rates in November of 2015 were more favourable than they are now.

Tesla has not revealed how the 60d will be specified, and what features will be crossed off the equipment list to bring it in at that price. The importer says it will reveal full pricing information closer to launch, later in the year.

Tesla is bringing its more affordable Model X

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