Tata Tamo Racemo A small athlete

Tata Tamo Racemo A small athlete

The Racemo was designed in Italy, at the Tata Motors Design Studio in Turin. According to the manufacturer, it is inspired by “a race car quite Spartan”. The lines are angular and clearly announce the sports ambitions of the car, with for example a gaping mouth and wings particularly marked. Elytra doors also have their little effect.

The launch of the Racemo is expected to take place in 2018, in India (only 250 will be produced). Until then, the most impatient will be able to take the wheel on console, since it is available on Forza Horizon 3 since March 7.

Despite its small size, the Racemo can be noticed with its very angular design rich in reliefs The lower parts of the body (skirts, rocker panels, diffuser …) are black, the rear wings are hollowed out to ventilate the mechanics and The doors open in elytra.

Length 3.83m, 1.81m wide and 1.20m high with a wheelbase of 2.43m, the Racemo is powered by a central-rear 1.2L turbo 190h and 210Nm torque associated with A six-speed automatic transmission with paddles on the steering wheel. It reaches 100 km / h in less than 6s according to Tamo.

Tata Tamo Racemo A small athlete

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