Suzuki Swift New Generation 2018

Suzuki Swift New Generation 2018

The new generation of the Suzuki Swift 2018 comes loaded with news. With a design that accentuates the most characteristic features of the model, the image of the new Swift presents innovative airs and a more emotional stamp. Since its launch in 2004, the Japanese manufacturer has sold more than 5.3 million units of Swift worldwide, becoming one of the central pillars of its range.

In the development of the new generation Suzuki Swift sought to offer an even more global model. Changing the product strategy followed so far. His style differentiated from the rest of his rivals intermixed with sporting details, help to create a very interesting set. In addition, Suzuki says they have worked hard to improve driving performance while also looking to increase efficiency.

In this variant, which adds only 6.2 kg to the total weight of the car, ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) assumes the functions of generator and starter and the system integrates with regenerative braking. Coupled to the 1.0 Boosterjet will allow emissions of only 97 g CO2 / 100km.

As it has been the standard, the Swift will also have a version of total traction that increases the distance to the ground in 25 mm.

Suzuki Swift New Generation 2018

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