Surprise the Audi Q8 without camouflage

Surprise the Audi Q8 without camouflage

Announced by the Audi Q8 Concept and then Q8 Sport Concept, the Audi Q8 is a SUV Coupé that will come to rub the BMW X6 and other Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé. Solid, slightly sloping roof, roof spoiler descending along the sides of the tailgate glass to increase the tilt feel reveal the character of the new Audi standard. The slight camouflage prevents to see the headband of light as on the new A8 but which should be of the part.

The Q8 had been prefigured earlier this year at the Detroit show with the eponymous concept, very innovative for Audi that tends to be conservative enough in style, especially with regard to the stern where this band of Extending over the entire width of the trunk.

This prototype Audi Q3 2018 was surprised by our colleagues of the Spanish site The model is of great interest to Spain, as it is produced in the Seat factory in Martorell near Barcelona at the moment.

It is also true that the Volkswagen group seems to be taken from the diesel gate of a madness for SUV and electricity … And caught in the movement the powerful German group seems to think only Sport Utility Vehicle, to the point that the unions Germans are worried about the Golf and Passat markets. And if tomorrow for a reason, still unknown, the market changed at all?

Surprise the Audi Q8 without camouflage

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