Super Duke 1290 GT

Super Duke 1290 GT

It is possible to envisage stages of more than 300 km at “reasonable” speed without having to go back to the pump, aided by a real comfort and a heating saddle. The latter is an option, but the basic equipment is already well supplied. Daytime running lights, automatic turn signals, tire pressure indicator and cornering lights which, depending on the angle, are oriented from 10 ° to 30 ° in order to illuminate the curves perfectly.

There is a long list of accessories you can find on the KTM website. Such a level of performance and sophistication obviously has a price and this GT is trading for 17.995 euros. It is not really a big road, like some machines of other brands, but it presents this double personality: to become diabolical or to remain reasonable. You choose.

I was able to test the protection of the windshield on a short section of highway. The protection is far superior to the R, I would have liked a little more than the 5cm of adjustment range. The hands are fairly exposed and protections would have been welcome in addition to the heated handles. In the “Sport” mode, the 125mm front and 156mm rear travels provide acceptable comfort.

The semi-active suspensions of the brand do not adjust to the chosen mode of driving, which may be an evolution to be considered. Despite this, the suspensions were very impressive on the small roads of Majorca. The 6-axis system of the Bosch IMU plant provides remarkable work and the way the GT came out of the corners, helped by its electronic package was really great. With only 15kg more than the R, the GT remains light and lively.

Super Duke 1290 GT

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