Subaru WRX STI, to Nure’s fastest 4 door sedan

Subaru WRX STI, to Nure's fastest 4 door sedan

Transmission is paddle shift of WRC specification, instantaneous shift change possible. Aero dynamics performance has also been raised, and the rear wing adopts F1 technology active aero, “drag reduction system”. It produces a strong downforce when reaching the fastest speed. In addition, a roll cage is built in the room, and a tire is fitted with a slick.

This WRX STI type RA NBR Special took time attack on the Nürburgring North Course and measured 6 minutes 57 seconds 5, which is less than 7 minutes. According to Subaru of America, this time will be the fastest record of the 4-door sedan.

SUBARU (Subaru) US subsidiary Subaru of America on July 21, “WRX STI” “Type RA NBR Special” took a time attack on the German · Nürburgring North course, 6 minutes 57 seconds 5, 4-door sedan It was announced that the fastest record was established.

WRX STI type RA NBR special is a time attack specification tuned by Pro Drive. The 2.0 liter Horizontal Opposed 4-cylinder gasoline turbo engine of RallySpeck draws over 600 hp of maximum power by dedicated intake system and turbocharger boost-up.

Subaru WRX STI, to Nure's fastest 4 door sedan

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