SUBARU “WRX S4” greatly improved model, released on August 7

SUBARU "WRX S4" greatly improved model, released on August 7

In addition, improvements in front and rear suspension and electric power steering improve ride comfort, steering stability, steering feeling, and improve noise quietness by applying vibration and noise measures to various parts of the body. In addition, we optimized the control of 1.6 liter engine, improving practical fuel consumption.

The exterior redesigned the front grille, front bumper, LED head lamp design, and adopted the LED for the front fog lamp, making it a more fearless front face. In addition, a part of the grade adopts a newly designed aluminum wheel. For the body color a new color “Storm Gray Metallic” was added.

In addition, it adopted the new function “eye site · touring assist” of eye site for the first time. It automatically assists accelerator, brake and steering operation in a wide vehicle speed range of 0 km / h to about 120 km / h. It is a function to recognize both the lane and the preceding car and to reduce the driving load in various scenes from traffic congestion to high speed cruising. In addition, the automatic brake system at the time of retreat and the steering interlocking headlamp are equipped as standard on all grades, and the safety performance has been improved.

The exterior redesigned the design of the LED headlamp, the front grill, the front bumper, and adopted the LED for the front fog lamp. We changed the design of the wheel and realized a styling that makes it feel powerful and sharp running.

In the interior, various panels including the instrument panel, the center console, the center panel, etc. were changed to those with higher texture. It was designed to support 8-inch navigation, and the design of the built-in navigation has also been redesigned.

SUBARU "WRX S4" greatly improved model, released on August 7

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