Subaru Viziv shows WRX saloon

Subaru Viziv shows WRX saloon

The Subaru VIZIV hints at a new WRX – a natural successor to the big-winged Impreza made famous by Colin McRae.

Subaru’s sleek four door takes inspiration from its all-wheel drive performance cars and could replace the WRX STi models that have failed to impress British buyers.

Over a regular STI there’s quicker steering and many suspension improvements, with adjustable damping and active torque-vectoring. And carbon ahoy if you tick all the options boxes, the humongous rear wing most notable. You can only have a manual gearbox (hurrah!) while there’s lots of Alcantara and pink detailing inside.

If for bragging rights alone, having a numbered limited edition of anything has a degree of cache. However, until the BRZ gets more power there’s not much reason to get too excited.

Reckon a WRX that looked like this would put fast Scoobies back on the map? Or should Subaru have followed Mitsubishi and gone chasing a different genre already?

Subaru Viziv shows WRX saloon

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