Subaru Levorg pricing

Subaru Levorg pricing

A three-tier Levorg range has landed starting with the $42,990 GT and rising to the $48,890 GT-S and $52,890 GT-S Spec-B, all excluding on-road costs.

As the styling indicates the front-end structure is purely WRX, and that includes fitment of the same 197kW/350Nm 2.0-litre turbocharged boxer four-cylinder engine.

Unlike the WRX, however, the Levorg only comes with one transmission choice: a continuously-variable automatic with a “manual” mode that allows the driver to cycle between eight predefined ratios.

Fuel consumption is a claimed 8.7 l/100km on the combined cycle, just 0.1 l/100km more than a CVT-equipped WRX.

Subaru’s SI-Drive switch enables drivers to toggle between engine and transmission tunes, with Sport and Sport# mode providing a more responsive throttle map, gearbox calibration and more permissive stability control settings.

The steering feels nice without being over-active, but like a lot of cars, the Levorg feels great up to about eight-tenths, at which point it can be convinced to shove its nose wide. Persist and the push gets progressively worse until you’re heading for the edge of the road and you realise you’re wasting everybody’s time.

The big concern, of course, is that the all-new, global Impreza platform due next year will outshine the current WRX trolley on which the Levorg is based. For now, the Levorg is good enough, but if the new Impreza is better, you’ve got to wonder a little.

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