Subaru Forester tS in June

Subaru Forester tS in June

However unlike its cosmetically identical Japanese-market counterpart, the Australian Subaru Forester tS doesn’t get any form of power upgrade and produces the same 177kW and 350Nm outputs as the Forester XT. In Japan, the Forester tS makes a more muscular 206kW and 350Nm from its turbo 2.0.

But while the engine doesn’t score any tweaks, the suspension, brakes and chassis do. The Forester’s frame is reinforced with STI strut tower bars, an STI rear subframe support and a set of STI “draw stiffeners”, while the springs are 15mm lower and matched with STI-tuned dampers.

He added: “When we flagged Forester tS late last year, the customer enquiries went through the roof and the end result is we’re already wishing we’d ordered more than 300.

“It’s clear proof of the success of this clever joint development between the Subaru factory and the performance arm, Subaru Tecnica International (STI).

“While the cars were built in the Subaru factory, they were transferred to STI for final completion and the addition of around 30 items.

Subaru Forester tS in June

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