Spyshot BMW 3 Series

Spyshot BMW 3 Series

development stage models, such as freshly caught (the spyshots via this link), still retain their generously thick layers of camouflage, traditional black and white war paint from the manufacturer to the propeller.

Lighter (use aluminum or carbon fiber for an estimated weight gain between 70 kg and 100 kg according to sources speaking) and efficient than its predecessor, the next generation of Bavarian family is scheduled for launch in 2018 then generously equipped with the technology and equipment from the next segment.

BMW’s best selling in the history of the brand (still obviously in gasoline engines, diesel and hybrid) then continue to maintain the frontal fight the opponent to his best German premium rivals, the Audi A4 and the Mercedes C-Class falls within the F30 and sixth generation ahead.

Teams from the manufacturer to the propeller continue to refine the development and adjustment of the next mid-size sedan, a new generation of 3 Series expected officially on the road in 2018.

The teams in charge of developing the next generation of the midsize sedan continue to fulfill their mission well on the road as at the N├╝rburgring to pamper the dynamic behavior of the car.

Discovery in its restyled variation in the course of last year, the BMW 3 Series is set to make its transformation and pass the torch to his successor.

Spyshot BMW 3 Series

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