Sporty edition of Skoda KODIAQ

Sporty edition of Skoda KODIAQ 1

The Scout will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017, with all-wheel drive as standard equipment to help it tackle tricky situations with the extra traction.

The Kodiaq is, without a doubt, a chunky 7-seater SUV that looks and feels luxurious inside out. Upon driving the Kodiaq, we found that it continues the legacy of the brand by offering a bunch of thoughtful touches to amp up the feel-good factor in addition to the usual luxury features.

Set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, at this stage there is no official word that the sports-themed model will come to Australia.

Coming just days after Skoda announced it would be showing the off-road focussed Skoda KODIAQ Scout in Geneva, the latest official info regarding the Sportline variant says it will “come with features designed to provide pure driving pleasure”.

The Kodiaq Sportline will offer the same active safety assist systems as the Kodiaq Scout.

There’s no word on pricing or whether this variant will be offered in Australia.

Sporty edition of Skoda KODIAQ 1

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