Sports version the Chevrolet Onix

Sports version the Chevrolet Onix 3

The only novelties are visual: there are a series of stickers spread across the body, as well as side spoilers and the front and rear bumper. Inside, the steering wheel has unique design, and there are a number of details in red, such as in the ventilation vents and in the steering wheel itself.

Inside the Onix Effect, the black finish with satin-red details dominates the frame of the air vents of the panel and the contour of the rims of the steering wheel, which is multifunctional and has a straight base. In addition, there are chromed finishes of the buttons of the air-conditioning and multimedia controls, door knobs and shift knob. The instrument panel has custom graphics.

The sports-visual version (the engine is the same as 106 hp) features motorsport stickers on the front grille, sides and the boot lid. And the “Effect” emblem in high relief and chrome finish, under the crease of the front doors.

According to Inmetro figures, the car travels on average 8.6 km with one liter of ethanol and 12.5 km with a liter of gasoline in the city. On the road, the numbers are 10.2 km / l and 14.9 km / l, respectively.

The new Onix Effect now brings multimedia system MyLink, with Android Auto and Apple Car Play, as well as the OnStar telematics system.

Sports version the Chevrolet Onix 3

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