Sports car maker Lotus comes variant on Elise

Sports car maker Lotus comes variant on Elise

Just when we once again agreed that Lotus now pushed enough different variants of their cars, they again come up with a new version of the Elise. However, no reason for frustration, because as usual, the trolley will, where necessary, be adapted to provide the driver with an even better driving experience. The Lotus Elise Cup 260 is the most recent proof of this.

This Cup 260, of which no more than 30 is made, is powered by a supercharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder that produces approximately 250 hp. The Elise accelerates in 3.8 seconds to the 100 km / h and has a top speed of 243 km / h. Compared with its predecessor, the Cup 250, it’s a mild upgrade. But if you look at the ability of both cars, you’re pretty wrong. The real steps are being made in aerodynamics.

Typical for Lotus is the low weight of the different models. The Elise Cup 260 weighs 862 kilograms, even less than the 884 kilograms weighing the Cup 250 standard. The weight reduction has been realized, among other things, by the frequent use of carbon fiber.

The special edition is sprayed in the historically responsible color Championship Gold and is finished with Union Jacks and laurel wreaths. The Lotus Elise Cup 260 comes in a printout of only thirty copies available.

Sports car maker Lotus comes variant on Elise

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