Spied Audi prepares SQ2

Spied Audi prepares SQ2

The regular Q2 doesn’t go on sale until November this year, but today’s pictures confirm Audi is already far into development of a hotter version, which is expected to feature the same turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine as the S3. In that hot hatch, it produces 306bhp, but insiders expect the crossover’s peak output to hover around the 295bhp mark.

With this output, the SQ2 would outpunch sporty rivals such as the 208bhp Mercedes GLA 250 AMG Line.

The SQ2 also rides a little lower than the standard models, giving the car a more aggressive stance, as well as a lower center of gravity to enhance handling. Like the lower air intake, the grill is fully blacked-out as well. At the rear, a set of quad exhaust pipes differentiates the SQ2 from the standard Q2’s single or dual exhaust. It also gets a diffuser for the rear bumper as well.

The SQ2 rides on a different set of wheel that are lower in profile and the C-pillar is finished in matt black instead of the standard model’s silver.

Look for a debut of the SQ2 towards the end of next year. Interestingly, Autocar reports that an even more potent RS Q2 is planned. This model is said to be getting the turbocharged 2.5-liter 5-cylinder found in the RS Q3 where it delivers upwards of 367 hp.

Sadly, Audi has no plans to bring its Q2 to the U.S. so we won’t be seeing the SQ2 nor an RS Q2 if such a car is built.

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