More smoke for the Ecoboost Mustang thanks to Line Lock

More smoke for the Ecoboost Mustang thanks to Line-Lock

Line-Lock actually works very simple. You activate the system via the menu and then all the power goes to the rear wheels while the front brakes block and hold you in place. You can, of course, look in the mirror to see if it’s possible to demolish your tires, but a burnout animation will also appear on your display.

Anyone who activates Line-Lock via its Mustang’s menu has 15 seconds to send pk’s to the rear wheels without advancing. During that time, the front brake calipers are pressed forcefully onto the discs, so that the car stays neatly in place. For anyone who is aware of what’s happening, the digital instrumentation shows an animation of a spinning wheel during that time. Includes smoke, of course.

The Line-Lock is simply activated by the on-board computer and blocks the front brakes while releasing all the wheels on the rear wheels. Up to 15 seconds, which results in a hot smoke curtain. Nice extra thing is that you see your nose also turning a wheel with the necessary digital smoke. This gadget is literally an inner way to becoming a true American.

More smoke for the Ecoboost Mustang thanks to Line-Lock

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