Smartcar Roewe SUV RX5

Smartcar Roewe SUV RX5

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has beaten join hands with SAIC Motor, a car company owned by the Chinese government. The two giants have now presented a jointly developed car: the RX5. The joint venture has invested 145 million euros in the development of the car.

The exterior might give the impression that here is a regular Chinese cross-over state, but nothing is less true. The RX5 is in fact what Alibaba calls an “Internet car. The infotainment system uses Yun, the operating system Alibaba uses for its devices.

The connected car, according to the Chinese company, also known by the retail shop, built specifically for the changing automotive industry. “Under the motto ‘your car is your IDs the OS’Car RX5 is connected to the phone, payment data, cameras and possibly even a drone. The driver of the car does not need to pay at gas stations, “said Alibaba on innovation.

The basis of the car is a Chinese SUV, the Saic Roewe RX5. The SmartCar features the Yunos operating system, which will be paid automatically for fuel, parking and toll roads.

Internet car is probably the battle ground between the internet giants. Besides Yunos Alibaba are also Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay like operating systems.

Smartcar Roewe SUV RX5

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