Skoda will have more in China than in Europe SUV

New Skoda Yeti really does not appoint Yeti

It opens by him even more: “For example, looking into possibilities of a strategic alliance with Tata Motors. Is also possible joint development of models for the Indian market. In parallel, the development base in Mlada Boleslav and development platform cars for emerging markets,” said chief automakers ..

At present, Skoda produces seven model lines in 40 variations. This year, in addition to the Octavia facelift, rapid and Citigo and various derivatives plan also yeti successor. “Whether retain the existing name or will have some other, yet we do not intend to publish,” he said at the conclusion of the press conference Bernhard Maier.

“We see the need for these derivatives also in Europe, but had not yet decided how to do it, said the question Chairman of the Board of Skoda Auto Bernahrd Maier.

Car chief, however, with last year’s results satisfactory and expects further growth: “With our Strategy 2025, we will grow the brand consistently continue in the coming years. In this context, our model range further renew and expand and enter new markets, into new customer segments and digital areas of business, “said Chairman Bernhard Maier.

New Skoda Yeti really does not appoint Yeti

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