Skoda Kodiaq SUV


On the road it is very quiet with very little road, wind or engine noise and it would be an ideal motor for long distance travel.

Deliveries will start in the UK in April and prices start at £21,495 for the S 1.4 TSI manual and on up to £34,895 for the 2.0 TDI Edition.

In a similar way to Monte Carlo, SportLine cars will act as a visual package with unique wheels and interior finishes, but no performance upgrades, leaving the path clear for an expansion of the RS range.

If you own a Smeg fridge, Roberts radio or Gaggia coffee maker, the chances are the new Skoda Kodiaq isn’t for you. This is a seven-seat SUV for those who prefer substance to style. It’s for people who pride themselves on seeing through the glossy veneer and carefully crafted messaging of posh brands.


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