Skoda Kodiaq first sketch

Skoda Kodiaq first sketch

While other manufacturers have ideas very original teasers for the Kodiaq, Skoda made in the classic with what is called in the jargon of automobile design “sketches”. Nothing funny here (the car will not be much fun in addition): these sketches revealing the lines of the car … but to be taken lightly. The proportions of the drawn elements are exaggerated for eyeful! Clearly, the production model will not be as stocky and athletic. However, the key is there.

So in the meantime, here’s what it will look like Kodiaq SUV. One way to show that the concept visions, discovered in Geneva in March 2016, was not just a design study, but already very close to this vehicle that we will line! We find in fact all the features of the concept, this massive front face with headlights unstructured line fund dug along the entire length to give the muscle, through the lights with very geometric shapes at the rear.

This future large SUV manufacturer Mlada Boleslav to drift visions concept, introduced last March in the Geneva Motor Show.

The Kodiaq based on traditional MQB platform is based on the second generation Volkswagen Tiguan. It measures about 4.75 meters long by offering a version with 5 seats and 7 seats.

Skoda Kodiaq first sketch

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