Skoda Kodiaq Coupe can also look like this


This corresponds to a more dynamic style front and rear bumpers, the overall reduction of the car and almost imperceptibly declining roofline. If Theophilus Chin hit into upcoming news, only time will tell, but his work has certainly attractive impression.

His attempt, of course, comes from Kodiaq damage to the car but there are different bumpers and especially considerably more dynamic silhouette with flowing strongly stern.

Interestingly, this concept lacks unconventionally placed airbags, which are among the most striking design elements of damage Kodiaq.

On the other hand, however, we have a more aggressive front grille and rear diffuser, which Kodiaq Coupe barely gets. And omissions are also dual front headlights, with which it is necessary to count on the contrary, they become a new hallmark of all Skoda models. So illustrate, consider just another clue to future things, not the coin of the realm.


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