Skoda Fabia Kofola

Skoda Fabia Kofola

The connection of the car and beverages used by Skoda and soft drinks producer Kofola when new marketing action. They offer 99 Škoda Fabia in a special color treatment and equipment, specifically in brown paint Marrone with alloy wheels type 16palcovými Italia and patnáctilitrovou refrigerator, which can be attached belts in the back seats. Kofola Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSI engine with a 66 kW worth CZK 364,420.

Skoda Fabia Kofola a considerable charges 364 420 CZK, for which, however, do not get one of the top power units, but only one-deuce petrol TSI tuned to 66 kW (90 hp). Furthermore, while it is possible to count with equipment Style, which normally comes with this engine to 311 900 CZK. The standard is then the packet Style Plus the price of ten thousand crowns, which includes heated front seats needed or sound Skoda Surround.

Superstructure above the normal gear is a special brown paint Marrone and 16-inch alloy wheels Italia. Inside, you can change to allow for 15-liter refrigerator, which can be easily anchored to the rear seat using the seat belt anchorages. Power has yet to charge 12-volt socket, whereby you can switch between cooling mode and heating. Bonus for each candidate are then Kofola product samples.

Upcoming owners for the Fabia Kofola pay 364,420 crowns. For this price you get a car with a very rich feature set. It includes a multifunction steering wheel, keyless entry, infotainment Swing pětipalcovým with touchscreen, bluetooth or spare wheel instead of tire repair kit.

There is also a packet Style Plus premium sound system Surround Skoda, tinting, glass and heated front seats and a package of Simply Clever including network software, storage compartment in the luggage compartment, trash in the door and mount multimedia devices.

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