self-propelled Fiat wagons Google completed


The vehicles are designed six years ago, after several tests have been performed. In October 2016 started the production of self-propelled Fiat cars.

Waymo Fiat and Chrysler will send the self-propelled wagons in 2017 to a few test markets, which will be looked at how different people react to the vehicles.

Americans can Waymo going to encounter once on the road, as the first self-propelled vehicles with Waymo logo are now ready. Fiat Chrysler minivans has developed where the whole package of sensors of Google built and these vehicles should try to make mileage on American roads. Waymo has also all self-propelled Lexus RX and Toyota Prius vehicles received from Google, these minivans.

For now it is still going to test vehicles and not vehicles that can be purchased by the consumer. Google has already made a few million kilometers, but with these 100 new vehicles, that number will rise quickly.


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